Fashion Helps Haiti

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“Trying to find a way to help out the earthquake relief effort in Haiti and be fashionable?

Look no further!

Clothing company Kid Dangerous has designed HELP HAITI T-shirts with all proceeds going to One Dome at a Time Emergency Fund. One Dome at a Time will build protective domes to provide immediate relief, as well as help rebuild Port-au-Prince down the road.

The shirts, available in Men’s S-XXL and Women’s S-L, pictures an vision of the Haitian flag with HELP HAITI in simple block lettering. Kid Dangerous is selling the shirts at a reduced price of $35 dollars (the brand’s shirts normally retail for $45-$90) through the brand’s website.

If you’ve ever considered buying charitable fashion, now is the time to do it. Port-au-Prince was nearly demolished in the 7.0 earthquake on Tuesday. The death count is still rising, and the entire city, including the main hospital, is in ruins. Please contribute to the cause.

Help Haiti!”

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