Mass Burials Begin In Haiti

haiti quakeIn a truly heart wrenching sight, the Haitian government has begun to move the thousands of dead that have been lining the streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti and begun mass burials of those lost in the devastating mag 7.0 earthquake that ravaged the country’s capital and has affected three million people.

After several days, the country’s supplies are running short and relief groups are unsure how many people they will be able to help with conditions on the ground being what they are.

This report from the Associated Press’ correspondant Jonathan Katz does a great job of summing up the pictures that we have seen dominate news coverage all week:

“The city is a ruin. Fuel, food and water are running in short supply. Mothers have lost their children. Children have lost their families. Entire neighborhoods are sleeping in the streets. People walk miles up and down mountains, carrying everything they own, with no real place to go.

“But here is what is new: You have perhaps seen the pictures of the national palace smashed into a lurching heap over the grassy Champs de Mars. Or of the collapsed twin spires of the Notre Dame d’Haiti cathedral complex, which claimed the life of the archbishop. Or of the collapsed parliament where the senate president remained trapped Wednesday.

Imagine if nearly all the institutions in your life — flawed, but still the only ones — disappeared, all at once.

In a life where the next meal is uncertain, where the next rain may claim your home, where the next election may happen or not — where that is the normal. Think of having those institutions smashed all around you.

At the very moment when you have lost someone, perhaps many people, you loved.”

Millions around the world have come together to help the countless suffering people in Haiti. The United States government has pledged at least $100 million to help with the relief effort and in text messages alone, groups like the American Red Cross has received more than $8 million in donations. With so much damage on the ground and so many injured and in need of food, drinking water, and countless medical supplies, the people of Haiti need our help. To learn what you can do, take a look at how to donate to the relief effort and how to avoid scams when donating.

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