NY Times To Charge Readers For Online Content

Internet...The Rupert Murdoch Way

Internet...The Rupert Murdoch Way

Further bringing the era of paid online content into the mainstream, the New York Times joined with companies like News Corp’s Wall Street Journal in charging readers to access their previously free online content.

According to New York Magazine, while the Times will charge readers for content, where their system will differ from that Wall Street Journal’s is that they will allow readers a certain amount of free articles per month and then require a paid account to view more content.

The final decision is expected sometime this week and the magazine also reports that the Times will attempt to create some sort of deal with Apple to associate itself with the upcoming Apple Tablet computer which is expected to be released at the end of the month.

Not only is one of the most popular news sources on the web now going to charge users for content (probably beginning in the spring) but they have now joined a very vocal group that is leading the charge towards pay content.

Not long ago, Rupert Murdoch made a lot of hay about him wanting to charge for access to almost all of News Corp.’s subsidiaries’ content.

Hulu, the popular online collaboration between Fox, NBC, and ABC that allows viewers to watch show online for free with advertising, is also expected to begin charging for some content. Fox’s website offers viewers access to some free shows but also has a service that allows viewers to pay to subscribe to Fox on Demand.

This phenomenon will be very interesting to watch in the future because it will likely determine the future of the internet.

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