Rookies Lead Jets Past Chargers

Jets QB Mark Sanchez

Jets QB Mark Sanchez

With no one hotter than the Jets among the remaining playoff teams, the New York Jets had no problem shutting down the Chargers’ potent offense and advancing to the AFC Championship game on the shoulders of rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez and rookie running back Shonn Greene.

In the unlikeliest of playoff scenarios, the New York Jets (who were just 4-6 after the first 10 games of the season) are now en route to Indianapolis to take on the 13-3 Colts with the winner advancing to the SuperBowl.

Although the Jets were definitely the underdogs coming into a game against a team that hadn’t lost since the middle of October, the Jets simply continued to do what they do best: patiently run the ball down the defense’s throats and let your defense shut down your opponent.

Although San Diego had scored more than 20 points in 22 straight games, the Jets top ranked defense held the Philip Rivers led offensive unit to just two touchdowns. Meanwhile, after scoring just three points in the first half, Mark Sanchez and Shonn Greene put up two scores of their own which was enough to edge the second-seeded Chargers.

Although Sanchez did not put up “great numbers,” the rookie has looked as comfortable as he has all season and although he completed 12 passes for just 100 yards and a touchdown, it was only the second time since week 12 that the coaching staff had enough confidence in him to let him attempt more than 20 passes.

Meanwhile, Shonn Greene has all but officially overtaken Thomas Jones’ spot as the Jets’ top running back and put up a 23 carry, 128 yard game with a touchdown.

Up next for the Jets are the Indianapolis Colts, a team that the Jets have already beaten (sort of) in the AFC Championship game this Sunday at 3 p.m.

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