Mr. Brown Will Go To Washington

scott_brownA Republican is expected to win tomorrow’s special election to take over the late Ted Kennedy’s seat in the Senate according to all major polls.

In a shocking surge, republican Senate candidate and Massachusetts state senator Scott Brown has made a huge come from behind push and with the election being held today, the Republican is expected to take over the Senate seat of one of the most liberal senators in history in arguably the most liberal state in the country.

The race has made headlines news for the past week because of the high profile seat in question and the fact that a win by Brown would end the Democrat’s “Super Majority” (much good it has done them) and give the Republicans the 41 Senators required to filibuster a bill.

Brown had been an independent entity as one of just five Republicans in the 40-member State Senate but with endorsements from mainstream Republicans like John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, and Mitt Romney, many analysts expect him to fit nicely with the direction that the GOP has decided to go in.

Even more importantly for the Republicans is that this is the first test for their midterm election standing. If a Republican can overtake a Democrat who has already won a statewide office in Massachusetts (Coakley is the state’s Attorney General), what chance does a Senator like Majority Leader Harry Reid have in a much more moderate state?

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