81% Of US Supports Legalizing Marijuana

medical-marijuanaTurns out there isn’t that much of a debate about legalizing medicinal marijuana isn’t much of a debate at all. On the heels of a bill to legalize marijuana in New Jersey being signed, a new survey shows that more than 80% of Americans support legalization.

Support for scrapping laws to help those suffering from illnesses has been high for as long as the issue has been surveyed and the number has jumped from 69% in 1997 (in a Gallup poll) to 81% this week in an ABC News/Washington Post poll.

Even more so, more than half of Americans believe that legalization should take place like it has in California where it is at a doctor’s discretion as to who is prescribed marijuana as opposed to New Jersey’s new law that only allows prescription in specific instances.

With this much support for medicinal marijuana all around the country, you might be asking why marijuana is not yet legal in New York state or 35 other states. Well, because here in New York and elsewhere, we have chosen to elect people that listen only to special interest groups and their money, not the general public.

Just consider how “liberal” (the poll shows that 9 of every 10 liberals support legalizing medicinal marijuana) New York is supposed to be and then consider the states that have legalized it:

Alaska (since 1998)

California (since 1996)

Colorado (since 2000)
Hawaii (since 2000)

Maine (since 1999)

Michigan (since 2008)

Montana (since 2004)

Nevada (since 2000)

New Jersey (since Monday)

New Mexico (since 2007)

Oregon (since 1998)

Rhode Island (since 2006)

Vermont (since 2004)

Washington (state) (since 1998)

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