More Than 200,000 Likely Dead In Haiti

haiti quakeOfficial estimates now state that at least 200,000 people have died because of last week’s earthquake and many are estimating the the ultimate death toll will be closer to 500,000 or nearly 5 percent of Haiti’s 10+ million residents.

Though it is still unknown how many people died in the earthquake as relief crews continued to work twenty-four hour days to clean through the rubble and find anyone dead or still somehow living, the damage caused by the earthquake has left countless people without access to clean water or medical supplies.

Many are urging a complete evacuation of Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, biggest city, and the area hit almost directly by the earthquake because of fears of infections and diseases spreading throughout the ruins of a city that once housed three million people.

The Air Force has evacuated thousands of victims of the earthquake into Florida to be able to assist them but obviously could not bring many more people into its own shores and plans need to be drawn out to prevent an even worse catastrophe as three million people are currently at risk for infections.

The United States has sent over troops to help with the relief unit on top of the $100+ million in aid which prompted the French to call what the United States is doing in Haiti an occupation.

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