Republicans Now Running On Platform Of Change

scott_brownIt wasn’t very long ago that President Barack Obama was Presidential candidate Barack Obama, a freshman Senator running on a platform of change after eight disastrous years of George Bush. Last night’s Republican win in Massachusetts by Scott Brown, who will now take over Ted Kennedy’s vacated seat, showed that Republicans are not only planning on running on a platform of change but winning because of it.

With the country restless and angry over the Democrats’ utter incompetence when it has come to pushing through their agenda despite a massive majority in both the House and the Senate, the voters are now looking towards the “new Republicans,” better known as the “conservative” or “Tea Party” movement which they blindly think is any different from what this country had before Obama.

The truth is, the Democrats didn’t deserve to win in Massachusetts because Attorney General Martha Coakley ran a terrible campaign. The wealth of races that the Democrats are bound to lose in November will also be lost because those Democrats will run poor campaigns. Not because they are poor campaigners but because they have nothing to run on.

And so, exactly a year after Barack Obama took office, the winds of change have shifted and are now blowing against Obama, the new status quo.

One year in, the country has not closed Guantanamo, has not passed health care or climate change reform, has not stopped the economic bleeding, and has escalated the war in Afghanistan. Sound familiar?

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