Another Earthquake Rocks Haiti

haiti quakeThough most assumed the worst (at least earthquake-wise) was over after the 30-plus aftershocks that Haiti saw following the massive 7.0 earthquake that has completely ravaged the country and the city of Port-au-Prince, the country was rocked again by a 6.1 mag aftershock early this morning that sent sleeping Haitians running into the streets with all too vivid memories of last week’s events.

The earthquake hit about 35 miles away from Port-au-Prince (the first earthquake hit just 15 miles from Haiti’s capital and biggest city) and the effects were not being well reported because most relief workers, military personnel, and reporters are stationed inside Port-au-Prince and can’t leave.

The effects of the earthquake were not immediately clear within the city either as it would be hard to tell if anything was further damaged in a city that remains littered with rubble.

Relief workers from all countries have been working day and night (and amazingly are still rescuing survivors from the city’s damaged homes.

The mass effects of the earthquake, however, have not allowed relief workers to help nearly as much people as needed. The World Food Program, for example, has distributed around 250,000 meals but this has barely helped when you consider the millions who are with low food and water rations around the country. The program has said that they are optimistic about their goal of distributing 100 million meals in the next month but even that will only go so far as millions in Haiti are homeless or otherwise reeling from last week’s quake.

The worst has come because of the very limited amount of medical supplies and personnel. Doctors are now estimating that 20,000 additional people are dying in Haiti every day because they do not have access to surgery.

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