Molina Spurns Mets, Signs With Giants For Less Money

molinaIt isn’t often that you will see an over-the-hill catcher with little left in the tank turn down a potential two-year offer to stay on a team that that is only offering one year for less money but that is exactly what Bengie Molina did after two months in which the Mets were the only team talking to him and seemed to have him locked up.

The Giants had given up on signing Molina around the time of winter meetings. Molina was reportedly seeking a three-year deal worth $6 million per year, much more than anyone was willing to give him.

The Mets were the only team interested in the veteran backstop and seemed to have locked him up when Molina reportedly dropped his request for a third-year and appeared close to signing a one-year deal with an option for a second worth over $5 million per year.

Not so much. Out of nowhere, Molina signed the contract that San Francisco had on the table for him since the beginning of the offseason: one-year, $4.5 million.

With Molina off the table, the Mets have turned their attention to fellow veteran catcher Rod Barajas, who is a poor man’s Bengie Molina all around, and Yorvit Torreabla, a more likely choice for the Mets.

Molina had hit 20 home runs and drove in 80 runs last year where as Torreabla has failed to live up to any of the potential that he had ever since he came up around nine years ago. Ironically, the Mets will likely offer him the same kind of deal as they offered Molina.

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