300,000 Estimated Dead in Haiti

haiti quakeMore than 100,000 bodies have been buried in mass graves but that may be less than a third of the ultimate death toll from the massive earthquake that destroyed Haiti’s capital city Port-au-Prince and its surrounding areas. Officials are now estimating the deathtoll to be at around 300,000 once all of the bodies have been found and the diseases stemming from conditions on the ground prove to be even more catastrophic than the quake.

With so much of the country in rubble, officials cannot give a good estimate of how many people have died (the estimate had previously been 100,000 and 200,000), especially since little attention has come to areas around Port-au-Prince that were hit directly by the first earthquake as well as the strong aftershock earthquakes that followed.

Meanwhile, donations for Haiti have continued to come in strong but we need to keep helping the country because the hardest part of recovery is still ahead. On Friday, countless celebrities gathered to raise money for the disaster struck country and have reportedly raised over $55 million. If you missed the telethon, you can still donate at https://www.hopeforhaitinow.org/Default.asp.

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