Saints, Colts To Face Off In Super Bowl XLIV

manning breesWith the Saints having defeated the Jets, the matchup for this year’s Super Bowl has been set and it is exactly what fans expected it to be all year: the 14-2 Colts taking on the 13-3 Saints in Miami.

The Colts had started out slow against the New York Jets, largely because Gang Green shut down their top two receiving options, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark.

Still, the second half belonged to Peyton Manning as he proved once again why he is the best quarterback in the NFL, marching the Colts from 11 points down to a 13 points victory using his third and fourth receiving options. Number two receiver Pierre Garcon ended the game with 11 receptions for 151 yards and number three receiver, Austin Collie, finished the game with seven receptions for 123 yards.

In the wild Saints-Vikings matchup, the Vikes outplayed the Saints in every way possible but blew the game each time they had an opportunity to get ahead. The Vikings fumbled the ball a whopping six times (twice by top running back Adrian Peterson) and lost it three times (not to mention all of the non-fumbles in which the Vikings couldn’t hold on to the ball) while Brett Favre put up his most unimpressive performance of the season, being picked off twice.

It was hardly Favre’s fault as the 40-year-old quarterback got minimal protection from his line and was hit (hard) by the Saints defense over a dozen times.

Ultimately, the turnovers got the better of them (even though the Vikes dominated New Orleans in almost every offensive category and the Saints won it on a field goal by rookie Garrett Hartley in overtime.

The Colts-Saints, Manning-Brees matchup should be one for the ages.

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