Fashion Week To Move?

Fashion Week Tents at Bryant Park

Fashion Week Tents at Bryant Park

It has been rumored that organizers of New York fashion week are going to announce that next year, Fashion Week will be moving from Bryant Park (where Fashion Week has been held for the last 15 years) to Lincoln Center.

Apparently, park management has been complaining for years about the invitation-only shows had grown too large and were restricting access to the park. Although Fashion Week was welcomed in 1993, when it started, there have been many clashes between Fashion Week organizers and the park’s management company.

The problems escalated in 2006 when the Bryant Park Corporation announced it would no longer allow the shows to take place in the park because the shows were interfering with plans to operate a skating rink in the winter and public use of the main lawn in the summer. Designers and editors (including Anna Wintour) then begged Mayor Michael Bloomberg to intervene and allow them to hold the shows there, at least temporarily.

Plans for the move to Lincoln Center are not finalized however, as we do not know if they plan to have tents in Lincoln Center as well. One such proposed idea was to put tents on either side of the theatre, with a corridor between them. However, that corridor means that guests might have to walk about a block between each show.

About 63 designers are expected to present their fall 2009 collections in the park starting on Feb. 13, although hundreds of other shows are scheduled at galleries and event spaces around Manhattan. The event generates $466 million in visitor spending each year, according to the New York City Economic Development Corporation.

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