6 Must-See New York City Attractions

New York Public Library LionHave you ever been on vacation and realized, as you are going home, that you haven’t really seen the most important tourist attractions? This type of experience will most likely happen during your New York City vacation.

The Big Apple simply has too many attractions and events. To experience them all, you might need to come back again and again. But during your first short visit, here are six New York City attractions that you must include in your itinerary. Even if you missed other New York City attractions, visiting these six places means that you’ve made it here.

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is the ultimate New York City attraction. This 305.5-feet monument embodies the love for freedom shared by the United States and France.

Designed by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, the sculpture was finished in June 1884. A year later, crates that contained the pieces of the statue started arriving in the US. Then, with the leadership of chief engineer General Charles P. Stone, the statue was put together and finally unveiled on October 28, 1886. Today, tourists need to ride a ferry to reach Liberty Island and must conquer 154 steps from the pedestal to reach the head and get a unique view of the city.

The Statue Of Liberty

The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is probably the most romantic of all New York City attractions, thanks to the popularity of the movie “Sleepless in Seattle,” starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Similar to many New York City attractions, the Empire State Building provides a panoramic view of the city. But only the Empire State Building offers an unforgettable scene of New York City at night.

Empire State Building

World Trade Center Site

The World Trade Center, before the terrorist attacks, was simply the site of the Twin Towers, two of the tallest buildings in the world. After September 11, it became “Ground Zero.” The Twin Towers and five other buildings were destroyed. Today, it is has become a symbol of a free civilization’s quest for equality and freedom – including the freedom of fear. It is also a symbol of hope and healing.

American Museum of Natural History

Located on Central Park West at 79th Street, the American Museum of Natural History is the city’s center for scientific research and education. Several exhibits change, depending on the organization’s chosen themes, but the permanent ones include dioramas of wildlife habitats, fossil halls featuring dinosaurs, a meteorite collection, and the life-size model of a 94-foot-long blue whale.

American Museum of Natural History

Rockefeller Plaza

Located at 630 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Plaza is the leading entertainment hub of all New York City attractions. Every year, a gigantic Christmas Tree is ceremoniously lit. There is a Skating Rink that allows everyone to skate or learn to skate all year-round. And lastly, there are hundreds of shops, restaurants and architectural landmarks.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central is one of the most iconic New York City attractions. Located at 42nd Street and Park Avenue, it is considered as the busiest train stations. But beyond the bustle of trains coming and going, the Grand Central also showcases the artistic prowess of sculptors. Don’t forget to look up the vaulted ceiling and find your zodiac sign.

Grand Central Station

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