Popular New York City Events

New York City has an incomparable mix of cultures, people, and traditions. It is a city that never sleeps. If somebody claims that everything happens in New York City, virtually no one will dispute it. Thus, your plans to visit New York City should not just be about touring and hopping from one subway station to another. Your vacation plans should also include seeing some of the most popular New York City Events.

The New York Film Festival

Film fanatics are a dime a dozen but great films are rare. The world’s greatest films are showcased and honored during the New York Film Festival in October. It is one of the New York City events that are anticipated by the whole world. To see this event, you must obtain tickets months ahead.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is one of the New York City events that are broadcasted on national television. Reputed to be Broadway’s longest running show, the parade features famous blown up balloons of Disney characters and intricately designed huge floats that carry singers, dancers, and film stars. It is free to see this event but you need to come in early because of the big crowd that this New York City event draws every year.

Cinema Village

If you are looking for New York City events that feature foreign films and films produced by independent filmmakers, the place to go is the Cinema Village. Located at 22 East 12th Street, this building features films that will never be shown anywhere else. So what’s so special about the Cinema Village? You need to attend an event during opening weekends so you will also meet and get to talk to film directors.

Cinema Village

The New York Philharmonic Concert

The New York Philharmonic orchestra provides the world’s best musical performances. This is why the concerts are one of the most sought-after New York City events. The orchestra usually performs from September to June at the Avery Fisher Hall located in the Lincoln Center. If your family could not manage to get concert tickets, it is a good idea to visit the Big Apple during summer, when this world-class orchestra plays for free at different parks around New York.

The Nutcracker

No other performing group can produce a more memorable version of The Nutcracker than the New York City Ballet. Considered as one of the most anticipated and most popular New York City events during the holidays, the Nutcracker can be seen at the New York State Theater at 155 West 65th Street. Tickets are often sold out so make plans to buy these several weeks ahead. For actual performance dates, see the official website of the New York City Ballet.

The Carnegie Hall Concerts

Located at 881 Seventh Avenue, the Carnegie Hall hosts the world’s most incredible musical performances. The concerts primarily feature classical music and feature international musicians. A musician who gets invited to play at the Carnegie Hall is recognized as one of the most successful ones. If you wanted to experience classical music at its best, see one of the concerts at the Carnegie Hall.

Inside Carnegie Hall

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