What’s Inside Central Park?

Central Park Bridge

Central Park, which is the fifth largest park in New York City, offers you the chance to explore 843-acres during your visit. There are so many things to do and see inside of Central Park that many people find that they have to come back for a second or even third visit to experience it all. Something else that many visitors find helpful, even if they have been there before is having a map of Central Park. Having a map of Central Park helps ensure that you will be able to easily find your way to the attractions that you want …continue reading

Free Activities in NYC

Get free scenic ferry ride on the Staten Island Ferry. Just one of many free activities in NYC.

As any big city New York can be really expensive. Sightseeing tours, museums’ fees, concerts, Broadway shows… These are just a few attractions that will require expenses from your side. Add traveling costs, meals, accommodation if you are not a NYC resident, and your NYC trip that is supposed to be an exciting experience will turn into a nightmare.

So now what? Cancel the trip? Cut your costs? Spend all the money and then regret for months that you have done it?

No, no, no, and no! New York welcomes each guest and provides a huge number of activities that are …continue reading

Famous New Yorkers

Many native New Yorkers have been the recipent of the Nobel Prize.

Each city has its heroes. A big city has big heroes. New York has its share of famous people, both from the past and the future. The city’s boundless energy, its magnetism, and versatility have inspired many generations of New Yorkers.

Even today the city remains the center of contemporary art with its numerous art galleries, museums, and most importantly — talented people.

New Yorkers have succeeded in many fields through the centuries. The city can be proud of its famous writers, poets, playwrights, painters, actors, musicians, and architects. There are also New Yorkers, Nobel Prize winners in every category of this prestigious …continue reading

34th Annual Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival

Mead Film

Special Presentation of Long-Lost 19th-Century Glass Lantern Slides

The 34th Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival will screen an outstanding selection of titles culled from more than 1,000 submissions at the American Museum of Natural History. Highlighting exceptional story-telling, the Mead Festival continues to evolve beyond ethnographic filmmaking and screens an array of innovative films that represent the best in documentary, animation, experimental nonfiction, and archival footage. The festival is also a unique showcase for films that illuminate the complexity and diversity of peoples and cultures around the world and continues to sets itself apart with post-screening discussions that include visiting filmmakers, …continue reading

Top 10 Reasons to Visit New York City

Central Park

If you have been thinking about visiting New York City, but are still indecisive finding out about the top 10 reasons to visit might help you make up your mind. Despite how small New York is there are still plenty of opportunities for tourists, in fact, it is probably one of the busiest and most populated states in America. No matter what time of the day or night it is you can find something to do, New York just never seems to sleep.

#1 Open Spaces

With how busy and crowded New York is you will be surprised to find out just how …continue reading

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