Aerial Tour of New York City in a Toy Plane

Aerial view of The Statue of Liberty

Aerial view of The Statue of Liberty captured by a remote controlled toy plane.

Someone from Team Black Sheep put a camera on a radio controlled toy plane and flew it over the Brooklyn and Verazano Bridge, around Downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Here is the YouTube video showing the amazing and unique birds-eye view they captured with the toy plane. Asked if they alerted authorities before flying the plane, they responded “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.” Enjoy the awesome video!

6 comments to Aerial Tour of New York City in a Toy Plane

  • Lindalmie

    Pretty cool; love the Requiem remix

  • eric

    LAME. Hey dumbasses – theres a reason nobody flies small remote controlled planes in a major city. Because its a stupid idea! Some innocent person could have been seriously hurt. Also, there could be property damage to anything that the plane strikes. No insurance? No permission? No safety measures? Not cool. I dont care about people doing dangerous things mind you. I have a problem with innocent people getting thrust into your stupid activity. Go be dangerous on your own property and away from people.

  • david

    dude chill out. it’s a toy, not a real plane. you sound like the mom from A Christmas Story. “you’ll poke someones eye out, wah wah bitch moan”

    awesome idea guys! amazing video.

  • joe

    eric you whiney bitch

  • Anthony Buyer

    Amazing. Maybe next time u can crash it in to erics head. I love it. I cry for moar!

  • Big E

    Awesome video…do more and post on youtube and FB…
    and dont listen to eric, its that time of month for him.

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