Subway Series: NY vs. NY

Did you hear that?  That was the collective sound of thousands hearts belonging to Mets fans breaking across the five boroughs.  Again.  This past weekend marked the first Subway Series of the season and, in reliable fashion, the Mets imploded. The team managed to bring lots of hope and promise to its fans on Friday when they won the series opener at Yankee Stadium.  But in the bottom of the seventh inning, in the last of the three game series Sunday night, the Yankees scored eight runs and pulled off a 9-3 win.  The Yankees had tied the series with a win Saturday and so, the Mets needed a win on Sunday to take the series.  Alas, it was not meant to be.

NY Subway Series

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For those of you not in the know (and there’s no shame in that:  we’re all here to learn), the Subway Series is a series of Major League Baseball games played between the two New York clubs, the Mets and the Yankees.  It is known as interleague play because these are regular season games played between two teams in different leagues (the Mets belonging to the National League and the Yankees belonging to the American League).  Games are played at the home fields of either team, which are both accessible by subway.

Fun fact! The first “Subway Series” game was played in 1889 between the New York Giants and the Brooklyn Bridegrooms.  The what?  They were later known as the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Caught up? Good.  Moving on… Some may argue that this 19th century game should technically be labeled a “Trolley Series” since the first section of NYC subway system didn’t officially open until 1904.  Nevertheless, the 1889 game was the first to pit these two neighboring and heated rivals against one another in what was also the World Championship Series.

Ok.  I’m about to start a fight:  I’m a Yankees fan.  Cue the booing, multiple expletives, and Goliath references.  But I respect the Mets.   Seriously.  This isn’t pandering.  They are a New York club and I wholeheartedly support my town.*  And I am a gal who thoroughly enjoy the Subway Series.  After all, it’s a chance for Mets and Yankees fans to come together in the spirit of athleticism and indulge in some friendly rivalry.  It’s a time to throw verbal jabs, hook one’s personal worth onto their teams wins or losses, and to judge a person solely on which New York team they support.  Sure, these games do count towards regular season standings but mostly on the line are bragging rights and individual pride.  There’s nothing worse than trash talking your friend’s team over beers one evening, only to have yours suffer a crushing defeat soon after.  That means you will have to swallow your pride the next day at work.  Or you can do the adult thing and just call in sick.  Sure, some argue that the Subway Series has gone the way of overkill, but I think it is still a great New York experience.  Unless of course the Yankees falter and embarrass me, in which case:  the Subway Series is stupid.  So stop talking about it!  Who cares?!  Jeez!

Just kidding.

*Unless, they are playing the Yankees, in which case, they can suck it.

The Mets host the next Subway Series at Citi Field, July 1-3.  You can buy tickets here. Citi Field is easily accessible by subway, of course.  Take the 7 train to the Mets/Willets Point station.

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