Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle

A former 19th Century residence, Belvedere Castle has been the home of the U.S Weather Bureau since 1919. Offers daily tours of the meteorological observatory and control room. Also houses the Henry Luce Observatory Museum – home to natural exhibits and archaeological finds. Free children’s workshops also featured.

Farmers Markets NYC

Union Square Greenmarket

It’s time to get out of your apartment, away from your computer, and outside and into the sun.  Do it.  Now.  And while you are out, (here comes the plug for this article…) why not hit one of the city’s farmers’ markets?  Yes, we all know that these local farmers’ markets and greenmarkets are great for the environment, our health, and help support a community of local food producers.  And all of these are superb reasons to go.  But here’s another:  the items these markets have are delicious!  There’s nothing better than tasting a fresh strawberry that tastes like an actual …continue reading

Fit in the City

Paddle Sports

Feeling a little doughy?  Looking to get some exercise and shed some weight before being seen in that new two-piece or set of trunks you just ordered from*?  Of course, the city offers a wide array of gym chains, specialized fitness studios, and trainers for hire.  All good options.  But why not experiment with your fitness routine and try something new?  If you are looking to take advantage of warm weather and get away from fluorescent lights, here are a few outdoor fitness activities to try:

*I just made that up.  I take no responsibility for what is ultimately to be …continue reading

Touring NYC Taxi Style

Ford Crown Victoria

Touching down in New York City, you’re bound to have some misconceptions regarding the transport systems. Yes, NYC boasts one of the finest metro systems in the world, but even the Big Smoke suffers capital-standard delays and the subway doesn’t serve every little nook and cranny. Buses might seem the obvious option, yet if you’re unused to the ‘wrong side of the road’ drivers or indeed the bustle of metropolis, finding your way around presents a challenge of “Rat Race” proportions. Served by over 10,000 licensed drivers in the center of New York alone, it’s pretty reassuring that all you need …continue reading

Fashion Trends in NYC

Punk Appeal

A Heads Up On Style In The First City of Fashion

London, Paris and Milan – European cities whose bias toward their own designers often results in little mention of emerging U.S talent. New York; a hot-bed of textiles talent and home-grown designers aka Michael Kors and Donna Karan. When it comes to fashion forwardness, Europe lags considerably in the futuristic department. Versace and Dior are known for their flowing classic cuts and bohemian trends, yet rarely do the houses showcase street-style – probably one of the most defining fashion trends of the 21st Century. Conversely, New York is also affiliated …continue reading

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