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It’s time to get out of your apartment, away from your computer, and outside and into the sun.  Do it.  Now.  And while you are out, (here comes the plug for this article…) why not hit one of the city’s farmers’ markets?  Yes, we all know that these local farmers’ markets and greenmarkets are great for the environment, our health, and help support a community of local food producers.  And all of these are superb reasons to go.  But here’s another:  the items these markets have are delicious!  There’s nothing better than tasting a fresh strawberry that tastes like an actual strawberry or a tomato that tastes like more than watered down tomato-flavored juice. So throw on your shoes and let’s go pick up some fruits and veggies that aren’t jacked up on steroids (with tiny, shriveled balls, to boot!).

The city has much to offer in the way of farmers’ markets and there are too many to discuss here.  So here’s a quick sampling on just a few.

Union Square Greenmarket

This flagship greenmarket was first opened in 1976 by GrowNYC.  It started with only a handful of farmers but today you can choose from hundreds of goods from a large variety of vendors.  Items include, but are not limited to:  fresh jams, eggs (including duck and pheasant), meats, artisan cheeses, homemade breads, assorted baked goods, honey, yummy pies, flowers, fresh herbs, not to mention the beautiful and bountiful fruits and vegetables.  Grow NYC allows only producers of their goods to participate in the market, with middleman operations strictly prohibited.  This is the largest greenmarket in the city and definitely worth checking out.

Union Square Greenmarket

The Union Square Greenmarket is known for its wide variety of fresh produce. Photo Credit:

Union Square Park; Open year-round on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturdays, 8am – 6pm;

Fulton Stall Market

This will be the 3rd year for the open air market located at the South Street Seaport downtown.  This market is much smaller than Union Square, but it has some pretty impressive vendors setting up shop.  This year, the Fulton Stall Market welcomes Coolhaus Ice Cream.  If you haven’t yet had one of their ice cream sandwiches, you are really missing out on this heavenly treat.  Well, here is your chance to try…

Fulton Stall Market

Fulton is one of the youngest and smallest green market around NY. Photo Credit:

South Street Seaport; Opens May 29th for the Summer season; Will be open Sundays 10 am – 4pm;

Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket

Located at the northwest entrance of Prospect Park, this market is also operated by GrowNYC.  It was founded in 1989 and is the second-largest greenmarket the city has to offer.  Many of the same vendors from the Union Square Market set up shop here, making it a great alternative if you prefer to stay in Brooklyn and battle (slightly) smaller crowds.

Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket

Grand Army is the perfect for people residing in Brooklyn. It hosts almost the same vendors as Union Square.Photo Credit:

Prospect Park West & Flatbush Ave; Saturdays 8 am – 4pm;

For more information on the city’s farmers markets and greenmarkets, please visit New York State’s Department of Agriculture and Markets webpage or GrowNYC. Shop, support, and enjoy!

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