City Hall:City Hall Park

The City Hall and City Hall Park in Broadway, NYC. Photo Credit:

Address: 260 Broadway New York, NY 10007
Opening Hours: For groups (10-20 people) Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays 10AM – 11AM For individuals (less than 10 people) on Thursdays 10AM – 11AM
Admission: Free – 9 years and older
Phone: (212) 788-3000

Seat of the administrative Government for over 180 years, City Hall stands as a proud testament to the 9 years it took to buildA from 1803-1812. Built in the French Renaissance and Georgian style, City Hall is the oldest seat of Government in the United States still functioning as originally intended. The plush Governors room which was once used for ceremonies is now open for public viewing, containing a wealth of historic documents and photographs. The Mayor’s or “Blue” Office is also open for viewing, the quarters where the city Mayor conducts conferences of State.

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