Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo in Bronx, NYC. Photo Credit:

Address: 2300 Southern Boulevard at Fordham Road or Bronx River Parkway, Bronx, New York, NY 10460
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 10AM – 5PM Saturday – Sunday, Holidays 10AM – 5:30PM
Admission: Adults $15 Children $11
Phone: (718) 367-1010

The largest urban zoo of the United States lies within the heart of the Bronx, and is a must-visit for nature/ animal lovers or those with children. With numerous themed zones, species range from gibbons and gorillas to African and American wildcats, including cheetahs, panthers and lions. Recent habitat develops include a renovated JungleWorld ape and primate zone which replicates the natural rain-forest, along with Wild Asia, which represents some of the most common species from that part of the world.

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