Empire State N.Y.C Skyride

The Empire State N.Y.C Skyride at the 5th Avenue, NYC. Photo Credit: beta.local.yahoo.com

Address: 350 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10118
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 8AM – 10PM (With curtailed hours on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years).
Admission: NY Skyride Adults $41 Sale $29, Children $32 Sale $19, Seniors $36 Sale $19 NY Skyride & Empire State Building Combo: Adults $52 Sale $42, Children $37 Sale $27, Seniors $45 Sale $35
Phone: (212) 279-9777
Website: http://www.skyride.com

Located on the 2nd floor of the Empire State Building, the new SkyRide experience offers a virtual simulation of the city with a massive 18-foot H.D screen and moving seating area. Hop aboard this fascinating journey which takes in over 36 of New York’s most famous attractions. Finish off with a presentation that charts the fascinating history of the Empire State, from the humble beginnings of construction, to the spectacular building you see today. If you plan on visiting the Observatory, remember to ask for a dual ticket which allows “queue jumping” for the popular deck. You could cut your waiting time by up to 75%.

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