40/40 Club

The luxurious interior if the 40/40 Club in 25th Street NYC. Photo Credit: hauteliving.com

Address: 6 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10010
Opening Hours:
Phone: (212) 832-4040
Website: http://www.the4040club.com

Few clubs exude exclusivity prior to entry, yet Jay-Z’s unique 40/40 Club does just that. The decor is decidedly minimalistic, and the theatrical tiered seating kids you into thinking you’ve just walked onto a high-end talk-show set, yet the touches are there. Glass cabinets bearing $250 cigars; the 20-seater Cognac Room stocked with some of the most expensive brandies in the world – and perhaps most obvious, the gigantic two-sided television screens offering guests uninterrupted views of sport wherever they happen to be sitting. The 40/40 is essentially a sports bar, however the integration of the new “Club Space” has also drawn the club-loving beauties of New York into the bosom of luxury. Be warned this is a high-end club, and prices tend to match such exclusivity. On the plus-side, you don’t have to reserve a table providing your group comprises of less than 25 guests!

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