Greenhouse Events

The Greenhouse Events is the first eco-friendly nightclub in NYC. Photo Credit:

Address: 150 Varick Street, SoHo, New York, NY 10013
Opening Hours:
Phone: (212) 807-7000

The terms “eco-friendly” and “nightclub” are about as synonymous as “cat” and “dog”, however this prime location two-story club combines the two with effortless ease. Beset within fashionable SoHo, Greenhouse Events is fast earning a world reputation as one of the first clubs to have been decorated with predominantly recycled materials. Every aspect of furnishing and decor, from the recycled glass bars, to the bamboo flooring have been designed purely for this stunning interior. With a 6,000 square foot space, the club is more than capable of handling a good-size crowd, but if you’re looking for a little more elbow room, there are several V.I.P and rest rooms on offer. Music style contrasts between both floors, and you’ll be apt to finding the basement largely caters for rap and hip-hop tastes. Upstairs is a little more mainstream with club-classics and dance-floor motivating tunes.

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