Public Assembly

A local DJ rocking at the Public Assembly Night Club in Brooklyn, NY. Photo Credit:

Address: 70 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, New York, NY 11211
Opening Hours: Daily: 7PM - 2AM
Phone: (718) 384-4586

Visitors to New York might feel they’re venturing off the beaten track with a trip into the heart of Brooklyn, however North 6th can be reached via train to Bedford Avenue. The cavernous lair of Public Assembly bears all the classic neon-lit atmosphere of a downtown music venue complete with exposed brick-work and corrugated roofing, however the acoustics are phenomenal. Described by locals as a music-cum-burlesque club, the range of entertainment varies considerably every night of the week. Burlesque in the case of Public Assembly actually refers to over-zealous theatrical dance troupes and eccentrically dressed Elton John impersonators, however such nights are usually a Monday occurrence. With over 4000 square feet of space, there are several rooms offering a variety of performances on a Saturday night, so if you’re into folk, acoustic, rap or underground – there’s bound to be something for you.

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