Radio City Music Hall

The Radio City Music Hall at night. Photo Credit:

Address: 1260 Avenue of The Americas, New York, NY 10020
Opening Hours:
Phone: (212) 307-7171

The former 1930’s variety theater (within the Rockafeller Center) has enjoyed landmark status for over 65 years, and to this day the art-deco interior that has defined the show-house still remains a tourist attraction. Despite it’s historic heritage, Radio City plays host to some of the biggest names in popular international music. With a capacity for over 6000 spectators, Radio City’s auditorium is one of the largest of it’s kind in the world, with the comfiest theater seats imaginable. Should you not be lucky enough to catch one of the many sell-out shows at Radio City, be sure to embark upon a tour around the foyer and public rest room areas. With murals and sculptures from the likes of Ezra Winter and Robert Laurent, lovers of art will find a plenitude of attractive pieces to admire. For a real treat, take advantage of the Stage Door Tour offered through the box office, which takes visitors on a full walking tour behind the scenes of this magnificent building.

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