Webster Hall

Different views of the Webster Hall facade. Photo Credit: livedesignonline.com

Address: 125 East 11th Street, East Village, New York, NY 10003-5301
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday: 9AM 'til late
Phone: (212) 353-1600
Website: http://www.websterhall.com

Considered New York’s premier entertainment center, Webster Hall is a 19th Century building and America’s first established nightclub. Despite the architectural heritage, and an interior harking back to the glorious elegance of the early 20th Century – Webster Hall only gained official recognition as New York landmark in 2008. The center comprises a nightclub, music venue, recording space and events suite, in addition to the huge balconied ballroom for which it is so renowned. With a total capacity of 2,500, Webster Hall holds enough entertainment areas to cater for multifarious tastes. The contemporary “Balcony Lounge” is a great place to relax with a glass of wine, away from the heavy beats of alternative rock in the basement and the thud of modern music in the club. Conversely, the “Green Room” offers an intimate get-away for lovers of funky-house and relaxed beats.

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