Ambassador Theater

The Ambassador Theater in Broadway, NYC. Photo Credit:

Address: 219 West 49th Street, Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Opening Hours:
Phone: 800) 901-4092 New York City Theater Box Office

Chicago’s Roxie Hart has found a pretty permanent home in Broadway’s popular Ambassador Theater, and the show looks set to continue it’s residence for a long time to come. Opened in 1921, the Ambassador is a surviving legacy to the work of architect Herbert J. Krapp – noted for plush, decadent interiors and the ability to create expansive auditoriums in the most compromising of buildings. The theater became a recognized city landmark in 1985 and saw various stints as the location for movie and television studios, before once again finding use as a theater in the mid 1990’s. Although not the largest of Broadway’s theaters, the Ambassador can still pack in a crowd thanks to a front and rear mezzanine along with balcony space. Those with mobility issues will find access is limited to the side entrance, however staff are more than happy to provide assistance. Wheelchair space is reserved to the orchestral area.
Disability Access: Limited, Assistance Available

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