Apotheke is one of the hottest mixology bar in NYC today. Photo Credit: sinanbastas.com

Address: 9 Doyers Street #1 (Off Pell Street), New York, NY 10013
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday: 6:30PM - 2AM Sunday: 8PM - 12AM
Phone: (212) 406-0400
Website: http://www.apothekenyc.com

Modeled upon a 19th Century apothecary house, this subterranean-like bar is proving a popular addition to the class category of cocktail bars making a come-back in New York. With ornate ceilings, a hand-carved bar and antique curved seating, the bar has elements of Renaissance styling which ultimately adds to it’s theme. Cocktails are named after a diverse range of elixirs from Home Remedies, to Euphoric Enhancers, and each is designed with welfare properties in mind. The appropriately named Aphrodisiacs are a sublime combination of chocolate, cognac and champagne which if do nothing else, will give you a warm afterglow on those cold winter nights.

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