Helen Hayes Theater

The Helen Hayes Theater in Broadway, NYC. Photo Credit: bloomberg.com

Address: 240 West 44th Street, Broadway, New York, NY 10036
Opening Hours:
Phone: (800) 901-4092
Website: http://www.newyorkcitytheatre.com/theaters/helenhayestheater/theater.php

The Helen Hayes Theater opened on the former site of the much-loved Little Theater in 1983, and was named in memorium to the then living “first lady of theater” as her original namesake legacy had been demolished. With 300 seats, Little Theater was always the smallest on Broadway, and despite renovations to increase the capacity to just over 600, the Helen Hayes remains the smallest theater on the show strip. Despite it’s size, the theater has played host to some major-league shows including “The 39 Steps”, “Xanadu” and “Dirty Blonde”. The theater is also attributed with the bringing of independent shows to the forefront of Broadway, regularly show-casing the works of both local and international playwrights, along with orchestral evenings. Without it’s own box office, the Helen Hayes only retails tickets through accredited booths near Broadway, and New York City Theatre’s website.

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