Madison Square Gardens

The Madison Square Gardens in New York, New York. Photo Credit:

Address: 4 Penn Plaza, Madison Square Gardens, New York, NY 10001
Opening Hours:
Phone: (212) 465-6070

Home to the enigmatic New York Knicks, and one of the most famous indoor arenas on the planet, Madison Square Garden is probably the only place in the world that crams in such a vast spectrum of entertainment under one roof. The Theater at Madison Square Garden boasts a whopping 5,600 seating capacity, making it the largest show theater in the area, and a host-venue for some of America’s most popular music icons, as well as home to National Hockey League team, the Rangers. From bull-riding and basketball, to wrestling and the “Rockettes” – Madison Square Garden serves up a mean feast of sporting, contemporary and thematic entertainment, which also extends to the infamous “BackStage Door Tours”. For a chance to experience the inner-workings of this charismatic “King of Arenas”, it’s highly recommendable to make your reservations up to a month prior to visiting.

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