Old Town Bar

The Old Town Bar in New York, NY. Photo Credit: meetup.com

Address: 45 East 18th Street, New York, NY 10003
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 11:30AM - 1AM Saturday: 12PM - 2AM Sunday: 12PM to 12AM
Phone: (212) 529-6732
Website: http://www.oldtownbar.com

The devastating demise of much-loved Chumley’s in 2007 left many New Yorker’s grief stricken, yet sadly the phoenix never rose from the ashes. Old Town Bar on East 18th is a little younger than Chumley’s by about 30 years, but has survived competitor openings, environmental changes and the sophisticated allure of brand bars for over 110 years. The dimly lit Victorian interior is strangely inviting, and once you get inside, you’ll realize why so many cherish the old-world personality of this literature-lovers haunt. Art deco jostles for recognition alongside 19th century character, while the mahogany and marble of the bar and paneling allude to a history of elegance. With it’s quaint alcoves and quiet atmosphere, Old Town’s upstairs room is a great place for quieter appreciation of this century old drinking house. If you find your stomach rumbling in appreciation at the sumptuous smells wafting up from the kitchen, check out the very reasonably priced menu for a wide range of tempting traditional dishes. Locals recommend the Frankfurters which have featured on the Martha Stewart Show, as well as the New York Times critics’ list.

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