The Duplex

The Duplex is an eclectic cabaret club in West Greenwich, NYC. Photo Credit:

Address: 61 Christopher Street (at 7th Avenue), West Greenwich Village, New York, NY 10014
Opening Hours:
Phone: (212) 255-5438

Cabaret clubs might seem all but a memory for some cities, however The Duplex in Greenwich West Village will soon bring the nostalgia flooding back. Decked out with an ornate interior over 80 years old, the décor alone is worth the visit – however the real charm is in the eclectic diversity of entertainment on offer. The main area is essentially a piano bar, while nestled to the rear is a reasonably sized comedy theater. Upstairs, you’ll find ample seating and a stage that has boasted music legends such as Barry Manilow. From open-mic night Mondays, to crowd-pleasing soul nights, The Duplex is prime location for the best in alternative New York entertainment.

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