Ward III

The Ward III in Tribeca, NYC. Photo Credit: ward3tribeca.com

Address: 111 Reade Street at West Broadway, Tribeca, New York. NY 10013
Opening Hours:
Phone: (212) 240-9189
Website: http://www.ward3tribeca.com

Conceptual minimalism was clearly the order of the day when it came to designing the long, narrow space now housing bespoke cocktail bar Ward III. With exposed brick walls, strategically placed leather banquets and an orderly line of bar stools, this airy bar is finished with a couple of ornate gilded mirrors lit up by candles for ultimate effect. The clear focal point of this atrium-like space is the bar itself where the real show begins. Manned by three of New York’s finest shaker-shifters, Ward III is geared toward those with an experimental palate. Hit them with your own recipe, or have them conjure a Sweeter Heater, infused with tequila, lime and hot sauce for the ultimate cocktail kick. Patrons also recommend the Singer; a warming, sweet cocktail made with rye whiskey, honey, raspberries, lemon and orange bitters.

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