White Horse Tavern

After all these years the White Horse Tavern still looks amazingly cozy. Photo Credit: daytoninmanhattan.blogspot.com

Address: 567 Hudson Street at 11th Street, West Village, New York, NY 10014
Opening Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 11AM - 2AM Friday - Saturday: 12PM - 4AM
Phone: (212) 989-3956

Not to be confused with the Whitehorse in Bridge Street; the wood-fronted White Horse Tavern in the West Village really is the last of a kind. Known to locals as the former haunt of Bob Dylan, the Tavern has the old-world appeal of a wild west bar. The wooden theme continues throughout with ornately carved ceilings, the odd grandfather clock and an intricately worked bar, coupled with a plenitude of old framed prints. The bar dates back to the late 1800’s, and is probably one of the most casual of the “old bars” in New York. The crowd is a healthy mixture of young and old, as well as the odd tourist. Check out the extensive whiskey selection on offer, but heed caution. Rumor has it that the late Dylan Thomas drank himself to an untimely end at this very bar.

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