Carnegie Deli

The Carnegie Deli at 854 7th Avenue. Photo Credit:

Address: 854 7th Avenue, Mid-Town West, New York, NY 10019
Opening Hours: Daily: 6:30AM - 4AM
Phone: (212) 757-2245
Price: $$

Carnegie Deli describes itself as a sub and sandwich deli, however the sandwich we’re all familiar with takes on an entirely different format, more akin to a wedge than a 2-slice bread-and-butter job. Fillings range from grilled knockwurst, hot sauerkraut, muenster cheese and the infamous fresh green pickles, along with salmon, sturgeon, cream cheese and onions, beckoning you to create your own monster sub or sandwich. Still have room for more? Try a slice of the formidable Seven Layer Chocolate Cheesecake – you’ll never feel like eating again!

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