Blind Tiger Ale House

The bar area of Blind Tiger Ale House. Photo Credit:

Address: 281 Bleecker St., New York, NY 10014
Opening Hours: Daily: 11:30AM - 4AM
Phone: (212) 462-4682
Price: $$$

They don’t call it an ale house just for the 19th Century facade. In fact, the interior is as close to the old traditional public house idyll you’ll get in Manhattan. Rustic wooden tables set beneath the whirring air-conditioning fans and convex mirrors give the place a decidedly Deco ambiance, enhanced by the cheery welcome and farewell from staff as patrons come and go. Blind Tiger offers an exceptional blend of ales, ranging from Irish stouts to all-American micro-brewed specials. Bigfoot Barley and McNeill’s Firehouse Amber are just a few of the favorites. The garden is an open-air continuation of the interior, with 30’s posters and war propaganda exhibits adding to the olde worlde enchantment.

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