Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

The expansive garden of Bohemian Hall. Photo Credit:

Address: 29-19, 24th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11102
Opening Hours: Monday - Wednesday: 5PM - 3AM, Thursday - Friday: 5PM - 4AM, Saturday: 12PM - 4AM, Sunday: 12PM - 3AM
Phone: (718) 274-4925
Price: $$

Bathed in the swaying silhouettes of towering oak trees, the expansive garden at Bohemian Hall resembles a hidden European restaurant plaza, such is it’s laid back air. Founded in 1910, the Czech-inspired Bohemian Hall prides itself upon being the oldest surviving outback garden, completely enclosed from the bustle of the street. Dedicated to maintaining and preserving the rich heritage and culture of New York’s Slovakian and Czech communities, it has become as much as European local, as it has a tourist attraction. Wind down on a ‘s with an ice-cool Staropramen (served by the half liter) and the best in Czech folk music to be found anywhere in the city.

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