Loreley Restaurant and Biergarten

The garden of Loreley Restaurant and Biergarten. Photo Credit: loreleynyc.com

Address: 7 Rivington Street A, East Side, NY 10002
Opening Hours: Monday: 12PM - 12AM, Tuesday - Friday: 12PM - 2AM, Saturday: 1PM - 2AM, Sunday: 1PM - 10PM
Phone: (212) 253-7077
Price: $$$$
Website: http://www.loreleynyc.com

Located just off the Bowery on the Lower East Side lies a rustic, rather unkempt seeming restaurant with a delightful secret. Beneath the wurst-rich aromas and tantalizing odor of ale lies a space that few have savored, yet many have heard of. Modeled on the Brauhuas of Cologne, Loreley Restaurant and Biergarten brings the hearty German alehouse ambiance, to a space that little differs from the original. A seasonal garden provides a welcome space for socializing and sampling the extensive ale menu, with an awning clad marquee for when the New York rays become to much. Sit back and revel in the camaraderie of locals, sipping a frothy Radeberger Pilsner straight from the draft.

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