Bar Reis

The dining area of Bar Reis. Photo Credit:

Address: 375A Fifth Ave (between 5th and 6th Sts) Central Brooklyn, NY 11215
Opening Hours: Daily: 5:30PM - 4AM
Phone: (718) 832-5716
Price: $$$

Some of New York’s best kept secrets lie in Brooklyn – the home of thriving Big Apple breweries. Bar Reis, in the Park Slope area is one of them. Beset within a walled courtyard, that seems as old as the 19th Century buildings on either side, the Bar Reis garden is a romantic retreat, far from the madding crowd and the uptown bar queues. Set across two tiers, the garden is every inch the Italian vineyard idyll, complimented by wild Ivy and timber framed awnings should the weather get a bit much. Bar Reis originally opened back in 1999 as a pseudo Italian wine bar, however following it’s revamp in 2006, cottoned on to it’s commercial potential and expanded the beverage menu accordingly. Over ten ales are now offered on a rotating basis – the majority being native brews from Brooklyn and Manhattan.

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