Berry Park

The Berry Park at 4 Berry Street. Photo Credit:

Address: 4 Berry Street, Near 14th Street, Manhattan, NY 11211
Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 5PM - 2AM, Friday: 4 pm-4 am, Saturday: 12PM - 4AM, Sunday: 12PM - 2AM
Phone: (718) 782-2829
Price: $$$

An award-winning warm welcome and panoramic cityscape views characterize Manhattan’s newest rooftop retreat, part-owned by the same group who brought you the Euro-experience at Zum Schneider. Unlike it’s central cousin, Berry Park keeps things simple with three fenced in rooftop patios, decorated simply with blue Hofbrau umbrellas and fold-out furniture. This is definitely the place if you want to revel beneath the scorching sun! Over fifteen beers are available on tap, including local favorite Köstritzer Schwarzbier. You’ll also find projector screens set up during peak season, for international baseball and basketball league fixtures.

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