Boxcar Lounge

The bar at Boxcar Lounge. Photo Credit:

Address: 168 Avenue B (between 10th and 11th Streets) East Village, NY 10009
Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday & Saturday - Sunday: 6PM - 4AM, Friday: 4PM - 4AM
Phone: (212) 473-2830
Price: $$$$

A bijou haven for the post-work crowd, Boxcar Lounge is aptly named, since it’s interior is overwhelmingly narrow. The bamboo enclosed, lush beer garden to the rear is comparably larger and usually the place the majority of patrons hang out. Draft beers are rotational, however include a selection of local cask brews, coupled with several well-known European imports. Enjoy ‘2-for-one’ offers nearly every night after 6 pm, as well as the “Bring Your Own Brunch” deal at weekends, allowing up to 40% off your beer rounds.

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