Hot Bird

The Hot Bird at 546 Clinton Avenue. Photo Credit:

Address: 546 Clinton Avenue, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Opening Hours: Monday: 5PM - 2AM, Tuesday - Thursday: 5PM - 4AM, Friday - Saturday: 4PM - 4AM, Sunday: 4PM - 2AM
Phone: (718) 230-5800
Price: $$

Once a buzzing chicken joint and the hub for local dining, Hot Bird has transformed itself into a lounge bar befitting of the upscale Gramercy district. An industrial, brick-clad interior, ‘old school’ beer taps and a flourishing twenty-something client base has pushed Hot Bird’s popularity, since it underwent it’s transformation around four years ago. The rear garden is by all intents an extension of the interior, enlivened by a few strategically placed shrubs and wall murals. Frothy craft ales are Hot Bird’s specialty, along with a selection of European gins such as New Amsterdam. Locals may miss the old food truck that once had them buzzing like flies for a table, yet the new bar is slowly filling that gap.

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