Lady Jays

The Lady Jays at 633 Grand Street. Photo Credit:

Address: 633 Grand Street (between Leonard St and Manhattan Ave), Brooklyn, NY 11211
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 4PM - 4AM, Weekends: 2PM - 4AM
Phone: (718) 387-1029
Price: $$$

Why even contemplate Texas, when the heart of country folk music beats rhythmically right here in downtown Brooklyn? Lady Jays is possibly one of the only bars of it’s kind in the entire downtown district. With a convivial saloon boozer vibe and dollar-stretching prices, Jays forms the hub for natives of all ages in this up-and-coming Northern corner of Brooklyn. The rear garden carries on the cowboy charm with wooden decking and curious ‘horn-ornamentals’ cladding the walls. The decor might be quirky, but it’s the Lionshead Pilsner on a permanent two-for-one and the East Coast Oyster special putting Lady Jays on the map.

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