Mad Hatter Saloon

The Mad Hatter Saloon at 360 3rd Avenue on 26th Street. Photo Credit:

Address: 360 3rd Avenue at 26th Street, Manhattan, NY 10016
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday: 11AM - 4AM
Phone: (212) 696-2122
Price: $$

The rise and rise of the Bavarian idyll has pretty much dominated the press when it comes to beer gardens – often overshadowing the old faithfuls, whom have propped up the New Yorker’s love for outdoor schmoozing with their own quaint courtyards. Nestled within a former “1920’s tenement building”, the Mad Hatter Saloon proffers a welcoming, cozy space where you’ll find sport, sport and beer on the menu! Lunch specials run from Monday to Friday, with no-nonsense sauteed chicken and cod options, paired with seasonal vegetables and fries – all for a mere $7.95 per person. Happy hours are a major draw, with beer sold by the bucket, for less than a Broadway show. Try the Hatter Red Ale for a devilish beer with a kick, or stick the pretention and opt for an ice cold Miller High Life. Mad Hatter is carefree and simple – much like it’s diminutive garden, with simple bench picnic tables.

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