Maggie Brown

The Maggie Brown at 455 Myrtle Ave. Photo Credit:

Address: 455 Myrtle Ave., nr. Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205
Opening Hours: Daily: 4PM - 1AM
Phone: (718) 643-7001
Price: $$

They call it the “Grandma of Brooklyn.” Needless to say Maggie Brown’s is one of your well-established, local haunts that would leave a gaping hole if it were ever to fold (it never has.) The interior embodies 20’s retro, right down to the domed mirrors on the walls and tiny lamps lighting each of the booths and it’s a style that practically everyone finds endearing. The twee vintage theme continues onto the rear patio, brought alive by humongous vine creepers and compulsively neat plant pots lined along the walls. Team your Hangar Steak and Eggs with any one of eight revolving tap ales – each with it’s own fascinating history.

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