The Narrows

The patio-garden at the back of The Narrows. Photo Credit:

Address: 1037 Flushing Ave between Morgan Ave and Vandervoort Place, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Opening Hours: Daily: 5PM - 4AM
Phone: (281) 827-1800
Price: $$$

A trend-bar located within the Old Forge building of Flushing Avenue, The Narrows most certainly lives up to it’s name. The interior is little wider than two conjoined train carriages, however the real gem lies to the rear. A patio-garden of exquisite beauty sits within a walled vineyard to the back of The Narrows. Access is via the bar only, cutting down the prospect of bohemian drifters staking out all of the seats. Patrons categorize The Narrows as a “cocktail bar”, however the comely hangout also serves up a selection of dark inviting ales, ranging from the popular Victoria Prima Pils to Allagash Trippel.

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