Century 21

The Century 21 in Manhattan. Photo Credit: ny-pictures.com

Address: 22 Cortlandt Street, Manhattan, New York, NY 10007
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 7AM - 7:45PM, Weekends: 11AM - 8PM
Phone: (212) 227-9092
Website: http://www.c21stores.com

Self-declared as one of New York’s best kept style secrets, Century 21 offers the bargain hunter a world of designer gear under one gigantic roof, with tags bearing a fraction of the price that uptown department stores are known to charge. From hats to sunglasses, couture to runway, Century 21 has it all in abundance. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is a surplus stock, or past-season store, however you’ll find a dazzling array of current season clothing from Prada to Pucci all at a remarkable 45-60% off! For the best bargains, visit at the start of the week when new stock lines are added.

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