Carolina Herrera

The Carolina Herrera at 954 Madison Avenue. Photo Credit:

Address: 954 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 6PM
Phone: (212) 249-6552

With a modest cream interior and stacks of floor-space, you might find yourself wondering why on earth this place is so sparsely dotted with stock. The reason is simple. The Carolina Herrera boutique is designed to draw the eye away from frills and fancy décor, to the actual points of sale – the clothing. From sharp lined suits to floaty cocktail dresses, each conveys a commitment to tailoring, design and aesthetics befitting the fashions of modern women. Drag yourself away from the two-floors of elegance and head for a peek to the Wedding Boutique on the third floor – home to the wedding dresses that “normal” girls only dream of.

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